Tensorboardd app on OOD v2 using HAProxy

Has anyone had any success using the tensorboard app here

on an Open OnDemand setup that uses HAProxy? I had successfully been using the above app on our prior OOD setup that did not use HAProxy. When I now run this app on our Open OnDemand instance that uses HAProxy, a change implemented to our OOD setup by our Admins, I get a “Forbidden Resource” page in my web browser after clicking the “Connect to Tensorboard” button.

According to the output.log file it appears the app startup process goes fine and that a Tensorboard instance is created and running. I just can’t connect to it. I noticed that this app uses an authenticating reverse proxy to control access to the Tensorboard instance. Is it likely the HAProxy that’s being used is causing the authenticating reverse proxy mechanism to no longer work? Is there a workaround?

Hi Stillill.

I’ve not attempted this.

I guess the first thing I would look at would be is the port still available between you and the application. Is something blocking that traffic?


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