Launching FastX from within OOD?

Dear All,

I was wondering if anyone had managed to incorporate FastX as an interactive app in Open on Demand?

We’re looking to use it to support OpenGL GUI jobs on our HPC cluster, which uses PBS Pro as a scheduler.

Best regards,

Hi and welcome!

I’m not sure if there has been. But as they have support you may want to reach out to them too.

Apparently OSU has a license (or FastX indicates they do anyhow), so I’ll try digging up info on our own license and see if we can’t have it on OSU systems and see if there’s anything there.

Hi Jeff,

Thank you so much!

I’ve contacted Starnet support and they weren’t aware of a setup involving FastX integrated withing OOD.

I know of a few HPC centers offer both independently, but opened a topic in case anyone else has gone down this route before.


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