OpenXDMoD Integration

Can we work on an official integration of OpenXDMoD with access from the OOD dashboard? We are considering using OOD on a new cluster. It would be a boon to have users (already authenticated in OOD) be able to directly access their usage information. We can write an app for this for our own purposes, but we feel as thought the community at large would greatly benefit from this being a common & easily available feature.

This is one of the primary goals of the new award we just got:

But a release with the first iteration of that integration may be many months away.

Until then, you can add an external link in the app dropdowns from OnDemand to XDMoD in case you want OnDemand to act as that single access point. Here is an example - you would change the manifest.yml so that the url key points to the URL of your XDMoD instance.

You could also develop a custom OnDemand app that displays information from XDMoD. You could start from this example.

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