Question) I have some problems with integration with xdmod

I’ve gotten help with a related problem in the past. I have one more question.

I am trying to integrate xdmod into the OOD dashboard.
I use keycloak and confirmed that xdmod works well with SSO.

However, After logging in with SSO, the login “name” cannot be retrieved, so it is displayed as “UNKNOWN”.

It appears asking you to create a separate profile.
Even if it is linked with keycloak, it is actually displayed in the OOD dashboard as below.
I think it’s not getting any data from xdmod.

Question 1)
How to fix xdmod login issue(Error: Forbidden Please ensure you are logged into Open XDMoD first, and then try again.) inside OOD dashboard?

Question 2)
How to get and input account name and profile information from keycloak automatically when logging in xdmod with SSO?

I’m waiting for your answer.
Thank you for always kindly replying.
Have a nice day :slight_smile:

Hey I haven’t gotten a chance to look into this yet, but will do so. @tdockendorf do you see something here that’s obvious that they’re missing?

For question #1 - The integration with OnDemand and XDMOD presumes they are both using the same Keycloak or SSO instance and in case of Keycloak I believe the OnDemand client and XDMOD client must both be in same Realm. Are both OnDemand and XDMOD logging into same Keycloak instance using same Realm?

For question #2 - This is a rather involved question that is specific to XDMOD. XDMOD expects to pull the data from Keycloak via SAML, and you have to tell XDMOD which SAML attributes map to things like username and first and last name. XDMOD and Keycloak · GitHub - these are some of the things we use to integrate XDMOD and Keycloak so that you can pull useful information out of Keycloak for XDMOD. I have vague recollection that XDMOD also won’t know how to map you if you’ve never run a job that has been ingested by XDMOD, but that might not be an issue anymore, not 100% sure on that one. The link I provided is just what you need specific to Keycloak, the majority of what needs to be setup is documented by XDMOD: Open XDMoD - Single Sign On Guide