LSF Multicluster Support Issues in OOD


Below is my attempt to summarize a few outstanding problems with the subject known to date for LSF v10.1.

bjobs -V

IBM Spectrum LSF build 520099, May 10 2019

  1. OOD LSF adapter incorrect use of ‘bsub -m’ with LSF multicluster as explained in this post.
    It impacts job submissions via Job Composer app or any interactive plugin including desktop.

  2. Linux Desktop or Interactive Plugin port forwarding logic doesn’t seem to work with LSF MC job forwarding.
    This problem relates to a forwarded job getting a different/unique Job ID on a remote cluster. When a job gets forwarded to a remote cluster via LSF MC 2 job IDs are assigned: local & remote.

  3. Can’t stop a Linux Desktop or Interactive Plugin session on a remote cluster via “Delete” session button.
    If you’re successful with developing a workaround for #2 (e.g. via wrapper script for bsub & bjobs) you won’t be able to terminate a session due to the same issue with local & remote job IDs.

I was able to workaround the above mentioned issues by creating some wrapper scripts: bsub for #1, bsub & bjobs for #2 and bkill for #3 but I have low confidence in reliability of those scripts. It would be best if the issues are permanently fixed in OOD.

I’ll be happy to supply evidence and examples for each of the above scenarios.

Thanks for your attention!

Hey! Can you supply the scripts for us? Those may help us get insight into the different use cases and toggles we’d need to provide.