Lua logging level -- drawbacks to moving from info to warn?

TLDR: will reducing the lua module logging level to ‘warn’ result in any meaningful user-auth-logging feature loss? I would normally not think twice, but it otherwise seems so redundant to use the word “requires” as used below:

In an effort to reduce disk usage in /var/log, I’d like to trim the [lua:info] fat out of our OOD instance’s ssl error log which is about 90% info lines:

# grep "\[lua:info\]" ondemand.hpc.nau.edu_error_ssl.log | wc -l
# wc -l ondemand.hpc.nau.edu_error_ssl.log

But I noticed this odd note in (only) the compiled ood-portal.conf:
requires min log level: info

$ grep -A6 -m1 Lua /etc/httpd/conf.d/ood-portal.conf
  # Lua configuration
  LuaRoot "/opt/ood/mod_ood_proxy/lib"
  LogLevel lua_module:info

  # Log authenticated user requests (requires min log level: info)   <===
  LuaHookLog logger.lua logger

$ grep -A6 -m1 Verbosity /etc/ood/config/ood_portal.yml
# Verbosity of the Lua module logging
# (see
# Example:
#     lua_log_level: 'warn'
# Default: 'info' (get verbose logs)
#lua_log_level: 'info'

Kind of ambiguous:
Does that mean “any level, as long as it’s on” ?
…or does it mean “it needs to be minimally this verbose” ?

Thanks for listening!

The note requires min log level: info means that the feature of logging authenticated user requests requires at least the log level of info.

In other words, if you reduce the log level to warn, you may lose the logging of authenticated user requests.

That being said, if you are trying to reduce disk usage and do not require the logging of authenticated user requests for any type of alerting or data collection, then reducing the log level to warn may be good for your setup.

But if you do require the logging of authenticated user requests, you should keep the log level at “info” or higher.

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