MLflow problem to deploy

Hi, Im trying to deploy MLflow but no success

Failed to connect to ibnodo15:8673

This is part of my

mlflow server
–gunicorn-opts “–log-level debug”
–default-artifact-root /LUSTRE/home/daniel
–backend-store-uri /LUSTRE/home/daniel
–host ${host}
–port ${port}

Server is listen to
[2022-04-27 19:44:01 -0700] [157035] [INFO] Listening at: (157035)

My jupyter notebook listen to some different like this, could this be the problem?

could this be the problem?
How to tell gunicorn to configure baseurl?

Thanks in advance

Hi and welcome!

I’d check 2 things, actual connectivity to ibnodo15 from the webnode (on the right port) and whether ibnodo15 fits into the host_regex you have specified in ood_portal.yml.

Lastly as debug steps try curl from various places just as a spot check for connectivity and that mflow is responding with something. We see that mlflow started with an ip address. Is this the right IP address? Does ibnodo15 resolve to it everywhere?

Not yet, but may be your next issue if you start to see traffic to the backend mlflow server. Right now, you can’t even connect or proxy to it.

This is all about whether you set to this to be /node (node origin apps like Jupyter have the host + port in the path) or /rnode (rnode origin apps cannot change their URLs so they’re relative to /host/port).

Hi again, good news, it works but whit a less problem.

the job was created succesfully, but when I try to connect to
Fail with “Not Found The requested URL was not found …”
But if i change the link node to rnode everithing works fine

If i change view.html.erb to rnode

<form action="/node/<%= host %>/<%= port %>/" method="post" target="_blank" Shows method not allowed, The method is not allowed for the requested URL

Thanks again


You can specify the method in the form element. You see you have post here - replace it with get

Amazing, it works like a charm.
I really appreciate your help and your time


Daniel Mendoza
Universidad de Sonora

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