More than 1 "Interactive Desktops" per cluster?

Is it possible to have more than 1 Interactive Desktop definition per cluster?

Convention is mkdir /etc/ood/apps/bc_desktop/[cluster_named_file.yml]

What I like to do is simplify option for our users, by picking entry on menu and have it go to specific partition (slurm). I can add drop down, to pick partition, but depending on partition certain options are automatically selected for you and can’t be changed (ie, cores, memory).


You can definitely have more than one desktop application. We use the simple expedient of naming them differently. So, replicate the application into differently named directories, e.g.,


Each can then have its own form, its own submit script, and its own template.

Maybe there’s a more clever way to do it, but this certainly works, the implementation is easy, and it’s very transparent what the configuration is and how it works. Makes life nicer for new employees who have to figure out how things are set up.

This works great, Thank you.