Single OnDemand instance, multiple cluster interactive app support

I’ve gotten OnDemand 1.5 tweaked to support 2 clusters for the “Jobs” and “Cluster” menus. However, I don’t see a path to accomplish the same thing for add-in apps like jupyter, which have the cluster name buried in the form.yml in /var/www/ood

Any ideas on multi-cluster app support appreciated,

We have the same problem. This issue opened way back in late 2017 requesting the ability for a single interactive app to be able to submit to multiple clusters, and some progress has been made in this PR.

Until then we have started making multiple versions of each app targeting specific clusters, just like we do with desktops. For example we have “RStudio Server” which runs on Owens and “RStudio Server (Pitzer)” which runs on Pitzer.

The problem with this approach is the explosion of links that would happen if we would provide the ability to launch each interactive app all three of OSC’s clusters.

One approach would be to change the category or subcategory of the interactive apps so they are grouped by cluster. In Pitzer/Owens case we could end up with something like this:

Or even consider changing the category from “Interactive Apps” to something else so a newer top level menu appears, providing more space for links.