MSU under attack

Hey guys,
Hoping there wasn’t any weird posts through my account here. Thursday morning we disconnected Montane State University from the world to arrest a cyberattack in progress. We got hit pretty good. Been working for 3 days to rebuild our domain, lots of ransomware on systems.
If you see anything funny go ahead and disable my account and shoot me an email, we can sort it out when we’re online again.

Thanks, Kenny

Gee whiz. Sorry to hear that. We’ll take care if something’s amiss.

We’re back up and running again but we’re limping. We have to go through a grueling process to bring servers back online from backups. Our domain has been hardened so that changes how a lot of stuff works. We’ll be working on this well into the summer.

One good bit of news, RCI cluster never stopped working. We ran the linux servers through some scans and found no infections so our OOD services were restored quickly so research was one of the first services brought back online. :slight_smile:

Kenny, MSU RCI