Nginx error with low UID

We have a couple of ancient user accounts who want to use OOD.
I set the minimum UID in nginx_stage.yml to 100.
However, when the legacy user tries to login, we get this:

Error – user is special: rvanzee (138 < 1000)
Run ‘nginx_stage --help’ to see a full list of available command line options.

While I know that the proper thing is to change the UID to above 1000, it may cause some issues with file ownership for files that this user has touched over the years. Is there any other recourse?

If I had to guess you used a string

min_uid: '100'

If I had to guess you used an integer.

min_uid: 100

If not, then please nginx_stage.yml because that should be working for you there must be some misconfiguration.

Hi Jeff,
I tried it both ways. Initially it was an integer, then I made it a string, but same results.
min_uid: 100 and min_uid: '100’

Both yield the same results. It’s okay, these users need to have their UIDs changed anyway.

Is the nginx_stage.yml file readable by regular users 644?

-rw-r–r-- 1 root root 7234 Jun 9 14:26 nginx_stage.yml

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