OnDemand 2.0.20 Released

Hi. We’ve tagged OnDemand v2.0.20 that has several bugfixes folks have been wanting. It is currently on our latest repo and OSC is going to work this week to verify it and push it to the 2.0 repo for general access.

I’m making this announcement so folks with an upcoming December downtime (like OSC) can prepare to upgrade.

Here are some of the notable changes from version 2.0.18. The dynamic javascript addition is actually a 2.1 feature, but OSC would like to use it for Spring Semster courses. It is feature flagged, so it won’t conflict with existing form.js files out of the box. We will be documenting this feature in the coming weeks.


  • Removed Index from Public RootOptions as to not allow Directory Indexing in 1617.


  • Fixed lua warnings bad argument #2 to 'date' in 1627.
  • Uppy claims failure but upload succeeds. This has been fixed in 1600 by extending the timeout.
  • Fixed CSS issue where the noVNC range sliders looked washed out and hard to notice in 1384.


  • Batch connect apps can now have dynamic behaviour through configuration in 1639. This means we now ship a lot of functionality that sites previously had to code themselves in form.js. This introduces the OOD_BC_DYNAMIC_JS that sites must set to enable this feature.

If you’re planning to install 2.0.20 from latest this week, you’ll need to exclude the next release’s packages.

In yum/dnf you can do so through the --exclude flag.

yum install ondemand-2.0.20 --exclude *-2.1

OnDemand 2.0.20 is now available on the 2.0 repo. So folks should be able to just run yum update to pick it up.