OnDemand 2.0 Installation Instructions

From the 12 Nov 2020 note:
Note we anticipate version 2.0 to have several ‘breaking changes’ in it that will require a bit more extensive upgrade process than usual. Below is a general roadmap of the items we hope will be included in the 2.0 release:

I am having trouble finding instructions or tips related to the upgrade of an existing 1.8.18 to v2.0. I appreciate being directed to instructions, and any updates about the breaking changes and how to navigate those.

~ Em
ps I also am having trouble finding an already existing discourse on this topic. Happy to follow a link if I have overlooked such a discussion.

Em: We haven’t released version 2.0 yet (current target date is ~April 20th), so we haven’t been able to document them yet.

Hi, Alan – Sorry for the misunderstanding. I thought that there was a prerelease available, and was hoping to work with that. I can certainly hold off working with the prerelease if doing so requires ‘developer’ knowledge of OOD.

~ Em

There is a pre-release available. I believe this is the only breaking change currently. Also note that there are more pre-releases coming that may include more, but the one that is currently available I believe only has this one breaking change.

Essentially we won’t ship a user_map_cmd any more so if you rely on the one what was supplied you’ll have to re-write it or use the new config user_map_match which is similar. It’s not a command but just a regex. Here’s the regex to pull myuser out of myuser@localhost.

# Lua regular expression used to map authenticated-user to system-user
# This configuration is ignored if user_map_cmd is defined
# Example:
#     user_map_match: '^([^@]+)@.*$'
# Default: '.*'
user_map_match: '^([^@]+)@localhost$'

To get these early releases you need to reconfigure the RPM repo to point to latest here. You should be able to just install the ondemand-release-web-latest-1-6.src.rpm and it’ll reset the repos.