OOD 1.5 missing home directory issue

We just upgraded from 1.3 to 1.5 and are having an issue with the missing home directory customization.
We had this in place already. Following your docs:

Custom Error Page for Missing Home Directory on Launch

In OnDemand <= 1.3 if the user’s home directory was missing a non-helpful single string error would display. Now a friendly error page displays. This error page can be customized by adding a custom one to /etc/ood/config/pun/html/missing_home_directory.html .

We had to create the pun and html directories, then add this file. Restarted but it’s still not displaying the custom page, only the default page. Can you help out?


One thing you can do is ensure your NGINX process restarts by navigating to the URL /nginx/stop. You are see the string “Success”. Then if you go back to / you see the missing home directory. Ensure that, for the user whose missing the home directory, that:

  1. that user has read access to /etc/ood/config/pun/html/missing_home_directory.html
  2. ensure that the user’s PUN conf file /var/lib/ondemand-nginx/config/puns/USER.conf has a block at the bottom like this:
    rewrite ^/pun/sys/dashboard(/.*|$) /pun/custom_html/missing_home_directory.html;

    location = /pun/custom_html/missing_home_directory.html {
      add_header Cache-Control "no-store";
      root /etc/ood/config/pun/html;
      try_files /missing_home_directory.html /pun/html/missing_home_directory.html;

Note that the rewrite rule will only appear if the user’s home directory is missing:

And that test is here:

And user.dir is found by checking the passwd struct: @passwd = Etc.getpwnam user.to_s from /etc/passwd.

Also verify /opt/ood/VERSION says 1.5.

Let me know if any of these assumptions are not in your current setup.

Eric, thanks for all the details. That was really helpful for troubleshooting. I’m really not sure what was going on on our side but it’s working now. You can close this.