OOD 1.8 and Okta SAML2 and ADFS authentication


I will be upgrading from OOD 1.7 to 1.8 on CentOS 7.8 and I would like to use Okta with ADFS to enable two factor authentication. I was planning on use these directions “https://osc.github.io/ood-documentation/master/authentication/adfs-with-auth-mellon.html”. When looking through the release notes for OOD 1.8 I notice that DEX is now used for authentication. Are the adfs with mellon directions still correct or does DEX offer a better way to integrate with Okta and ADFS?


The purpose of Dex is to facilitate mostly logins that don’t work great with Apache like LDAP. With LDAP you have to do basic auth which is very insecure, so Dex is a more secure alternative. If you can get ADFS working with other Apache modules and it presents something other than basic auth prompt, I’d go with that and not worry about Dex.

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Thanks, I will pursue the ADFS solution to start with.