OOD Generic User Documentation

Hi, Please is there any generic user documentation on how to get started with OOD for beginners (students) who are new to OOD and want to use it to access High Performance Computing resources?

Thank you.

In general, all the OOD documentation we provide linked from the OpenOnDemand.org website is for HPC center staff to help them setup and configure OOD. Many of the HPC centers provide their own user facing documentation on how to utilize OOD at their center. For example, here at OSC we have documentation at https://www.osc.edu/resources/online_portals/ondemand At the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center they have documentation here: http://psc.edu/bridges/user-guide/ondemand etc.etc. So if you want to use OOD to access HPC resources, the first step usually is to identify an HPC Center where you can get an account and apply for said account.

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