Open OnDemand is currently offline for maintenance after stoping and starting docker container

Hi “Ondemanders”!

I was following the instructions to launch OOD in a docker container found here ood-images/ at master · OSC/ood-images · GitHub (mainly the first line), and the first attempt went ok and I was able to play a little bit with it. However, once I stopped the container and started it again, I’d got the “Open OnDemand is currently offline for maintenance”.

Additionally, I can’t execute an interactive version due to an error after executing “docker exec ood -it bash”, so I can’t check too many logs:

OCI runtime exec failed: exec failed: container_linux.go:380: starting container process caused: exec: "-it": executable file not found in $PATH: unknown

Does anyone have a clue of how can I solve the “offline for maintenance” issue to be able to login again? (and don’t say “do not use docker” :P)

Thank you in advance and have a nice day


Hi and welcome! Apologies for that old repo.

A container from the source code is likely going to suite you better. It doesn’t say it, it supports podman if you set CONTAINER_RT=podman. That said getting your container interact with your scheduler is going to be a bit tough because the scheduler has to recognize the process’ UID.

You can try this with OnDemand + Slurm + a few other HPC apps in a docker-compose. It does have a good out of the box experience with the ability to submit jobs to slurm with everything all setup. It also has the added bonus of having tutorial materials in the READMEs of each app (there’s a directory for ondemand).

The -it flags have to come before the image name ood. So it should be

docker exec -it ood bash
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Thanks for the quick response, Jeff.
Actually, I’d already tested that way to execute the container and I was not able to login due to the password. I’d changed it in ~/.config/ondemand/ood_portal.yml without results.
Do you know what I miss here?


(PD: thanks also for the tip on the “-it” parameter. I’d executed the command hundreds of times but today I was out of coffee…)

:face_palm - the documentation is wrong. This is the correct file location


Also note there are Rake helpers to exec into the container.

rake dev:exec 
rake dev:bash
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Yes, I’d also noticed that :slight_smile:

So, let’s see that my laptop user is “jessie”. Then the container will copy the same user “jessie” and the logn is jessie@localhost. Which will be the password?

Whenever you started the container it should have prompted you for a password, but you should also be able to see it in plain text there in that file.

Edit the file and bounce the container and Dex will recognize the username password combination that’s set in ood_portal.yml.

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Fantastic! Now I can keep going with my stuff.

Thank you for your help, Jeff! You have a free beer if you visit Barcelona (Spain).

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Very Cool! Good luck.

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