Open OnDemand in containers

I seem to be running into a situation where removing, uninstalling, and reinstalling OnDemand has become more common for me. I’m under the impression that I should be containerizing my OnDemand builds in order to better my implementation. Is there any tutorial or leads to doing so? I was planning on using docker for my containerization.

We have, but so far these have been provided for evaluation purposes. I’m unaware of someone using a container to run OnDemand in production. @tdockendorf any thoughts?

The docker directory at is just intended as a demo, but it can offer the initial steps needed to build OnDemand into a container. The starting script for launching the container should do a few things, including running /opt/ood/ood-portal-generator/sbin/update_ood_portal. If this is for production you’ll need to add volumes for certs and /etc/ood.

Why is it you are removing, uninstalling and reinstalling OnDemand?

Ok great I’ll see how the demo works out for me. Right now my use case isn’t meant to be production it’s a proof of concept so I’m not concerned about the production part yet.

In terms of why I seem to be removing, uninstalling, and reinstalling a lot more…I tend to run into mainly httpd24 apache issues where the troubleshooting info is pretty vague and It’s really not giving much to work with which is difficult to troubleshoot. I’m under the impression that it’s taking longer to try and troubleshoot the apache then it does to restart and get back to where I was with the installation, and configuring of OnDemand.