How to cleanly uninstall ondemand

I installed OOD 1.6.20-1 on CentOS 7.7, messed some things up, and wanted to uninstall and reinstall. When I used ‘rpm remove’ for the ondemand rpm, it didn’t remove all the OnDemand folders so I stupidly did it manually. I thought I should, since I wanted a fresh install and wanted to make sure whatever I had messed up previously was gone. However, when I went to reinstall OnDemand, though it appeared to work, the directory /opt/ood/ondemand is missing. Any suggestions on how to cleanly remove and reinstall? I’m certain this is a stupid question so I apologize in advance! :slight_smile:


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Not a silly question at all. There are a lot of RPMs that get installed besides just the ondemand rpm like ondemand-runtime as an example (that one adds a lot to /opt/ood, but isn’t the only one that does).

You probably need to yum remove ondemand* to remove all of them. But that’ll remove ondemand-release-web (the RPM that enables the repo to begin with) so you’ll have to re-enable that (or download a copy to install) or do like a brute force deletion of all the yum search ondemand entries except ondemand-release-web.

As an aside to this, I’d suggest trying containers if you’re just hacking around. Like me, just to try this out and confirm your situation I booted up a centos:7 image and got to hacking, installing, uninstalling, rm -rf ing. Containers are a great way to play around with the software and not really care if you mess it up because it’s ephemeral. Or if you do get things you can always save it so you have it for later.

Hope that helps!

@jeff.ohrstrom You are absolutely right I should be using containers! :slight_smile: In the event anyone else needs this info, a “yum remove ondemand-*” is what worked for me. Make sure to get that - in there before the *

Thanks for your help!

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