Images and sandboxes

We’re looking into merging the two github repos & and we’re curious as to how the community is using these repos and the images they create.

So - how are you using these images, and which images are you using? The full stack Vagrant images from ood-images-full or the Docker containers from ood-images?

I’d like to merge these repos in a sensible way that provides base images and full stack images (ones with slurm or other backends inside the image) without significant disruption to how the community uses these repos.

I’d prefer to move in the direction of containerizing all components of OOD and getting rid of installation via the base OS. This has advantages when considering using OOD in an HA environment based on a container-friendly framework such as mesosphere or kubernetes.

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@alansill have you put any thought into what this might look like? Currently the “components” all go together on the same host and they comunicate through Unix domain sockets. The containers in repo utilize the rpm as part of building the container, so we can use a container or just use the rpm directly.

Are you suggesting of some type of separation between components of OnDemand into separate containers?

@alansill actually if you have any further comments, please post in OOD Container - Working off of discussion started on today's webinar which looks like it may become a dedicated thread to discussing production OnDemand deployments using containers!

As for this particular topic, we decided to go ahead and merge the repos. You can see the new organization by visiting the repo directly:

Thanks! We’ll start with this and let you know how it plays out in our container environment.