Community request for input on GUI apps as community containers


the OOD development team is looking for input. The basic idea is to create an OOD resource of GUI apps as containerized applications that could be widely used by the OOD sites and across the growing supported scheduling/orchastration back ends, eg HPC/Kubernetes/Cloud. Ideally, we would be able to include in the OOD installation instructions for 2-3 core applications that if they work, a host of additional apps are a pull away from deployed and potentially available across multiple backends. This would also assist in demostrating the functionality of OOD to sites evaluating the project by bootstrapping the demo with applications ready to go.

Are there sites for which this is the preferred method of deploying applications (ie instead of as modules)? Is this something the community would like to see time devoted to? Are there sites interested in contributing? Other thoughts?

OOD team