Passenger app that renders with dashboard navbar and stylesheets


Very much a beginner in RoR / Sinatra. We have developed a simple passenger app based on the “ps-app” tutorial [1]. It works as expected, however, we would like the app to rendered with templates from the dashboard so we can have the common navbar, CSS styles etc. Is this possible using some require / render magic, or, as I suspect, is it easier to integrate the app inside apps/dashboard/apps or similar?

Any helpful links or code much appreciated.



[1] Tutorials: Passenger Apps — Open OnDemand 2.0.20 documentation

Hello and welcome!

For something like this you won’t be able to get that navbar like the dashboard has unless it is an actual dashboard app.

For the styling we use Bootstrap 4 so if you just use that most of what we use can be recreated, but you’d have to then rewrite the html for the app to use all of that.

Thank you. Here is the solution we came up with if anyone is interested:

Dashboard app: GitHub - c3se/ood_dashboard_diskquota: OpenOndemand Dashboard App for displaying disk quota
Passenger app: GitHub - c3se/ood_diskquota

If anyone sees things that can be improved, or achieved in an easier way, please let us know.


Thanks for sharing!

That said, you can show warnings for balances on the dashboard itself.

Yes I stumbled upon that by accident while looking through the source code. It is something we are interested in so we will likely revisit in the future.