Passenger app with inputs? For data downloader

I was wondering if there’s some more passenger app examples out there other than the tutorial? In particular something that has a few different views and takes some input from the user.

What I’m trying to achieve is a frontend to a dataset downloader, where the researcher can choose dataset name and paste a list of URLs which is then handled by a DTN, and have a view of the progress.

The backend communication I can manage by writing and reading JSON files on a shared filesystem, but my ruby is rather rusty and I think I would benefit from seeing some more similar things being done.

Or is this a terrible idea for reasons I haven’t found out yet? If so, I would be happy to be enlightened.

Hi and welcome! First - if it helps your customers, then it’s a good idea, which this seems to do both.

Here, you have some flexibility. Really it’s a choice of language and framework. Both are pretty important here.

Strictly speaking the dashboard (the main component) is a passenger app. But it’s Rails. If you’re new to Ruby, Sinatra is a much better fit because Rails is a big framework.

The shell app is a Passenger app too! It’s node.js using ExpressJs. We also have support for Python, so that means Flask or any other framework you like.

My advise would be to pick a simple framework and start small. Hope that helps!

This app is a Sinatra app.

Thank you, that was most helpful!

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