Preferred Julia frontends

Hi all!

What frontends do you provide for your Julia users?

Currently, we instruct users to use IJulia in a Jupyter notebook. I know there are some more Julia-oriented frontends (like Pluto), and I was wondering if anyone deployed them at their site.

Ron Rahaman

Research Scientist II, Research Software Engineer
Partnership for an Advanced Computing Environment (PACE)
Georgia Institute of Technology

I’ve never heard of Pluto before, but that looks interesting indeed.

We (OSC) just use Julia kernels in Jupyter lab/notebook as you do, but will likely look at Pluto and/or others now that you mention it.


We just deployed a julia focused OOD app at our site. It supports Pluto.jl, Jupyter Lab/Notebook, and code-server. The user can select their desired frontend and the OOD app will install any required julia packages in their home directory.

You can find our code here NMSU_HPC / ood_bc_julia · GitLab. We are still working out some bugs here and there but this should be enough to get started. For example code-server versions newer then 4.13 don’t work do to some socket / proxy changes.

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Thanks for this (and all the other apps from NMSU!)