Re: attempt to update ondemand; configure Passenger Phusion verbose reporting?

Attempted update my test server from 2.0.13 → 2.0.18 this afternoon. Achieved a ‘Passenger Physion’ failed state – could not reload dashboard.
Used ‘yum history undo’ to revert to 2.0.13. All is once again well with the test server.

Perhaps I should configure Passenger into the more verbose reporting state. Does anyone have a good reference to follow? Thanks.

That doesn’t sound good. It creates a tmp html file, maybe that could help?

We generally bounce our PUNs after an install. If you install and restart the PUNs do you get this error?

I did issue ‘nginx_clean --user=’ against my account. Perhaps I could have tried the ‘–force’ option.

I’ll investigate again, without all sessions halted on the test server, and see if that helps. Thanks, Jeff

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