Removing Menu items

How might I remove the “change HPC password” option from the Help menu?

I’ve removed it from within /var/www/ood/apps/sys/dashboard/app/views/layouts/nav/_help_dropdown.html.erb but I’ve realised that this will be undone as soon as I upgrade.

Our logins are all SSO, and I don’t want people thinking they can change their HPC password then wondering why they can’t get into their email.

There’s a very large number of things that can be set in /etc/ood/apps/dashboard/env, and the URL that is used when someone clicks “change password” is among them. We also use SSO, and have made “change password” go to out central auth site by adding
# Change Password URL
to /etc/ood/apps/dashboard/env. Obviously, you will want something different there, even if it’s just a web page that explains the procedure for changing passwords at your site.