RStudio help link error

One of our users noticed that the internal help documentation for RStudio Server is not working in OOD. We noticed that links out will work, but links to internal docs do not work. For instance, the “An Introduction to R” link results in the following:

We also found that package help docs are also not proxied properly. For instance, we load the package igraph and pull help docs with library(igraph) and help(igraph), then we try the first link “make_ring”.

We get the following error:

We are using R 3.5.0 and RStudio Server 1.2.5042. We verified that the help docs work outside of OOD. For instance, if we start RStudio Server on a compute node and use an SSH tunnel to access the site, the docs work.

We’re wondering if anyone else has noticed this issue and has a solution.

Hi, Thanks I can replicate. Looks like we don’t like the fact that it’s a relative url that starts with ., Our regex seems to be setup for URLs that start with /.

Here are more details.

# the link reference location

# the initial 302 redirection. Looks like we inserted the /rnode/<host>/<port> incorrectly

# what it ends up being

# what it should be, inserted /rnode/<host>/<port> in the front, not both in the front and in the middle.


We have an open issue for this at

Unfortunately we don’t have a working fix for this yet, follow that issue for updates!

We also have Thanks for letting us know!