RStudio Server 2023.03.0 not working with OOD

We have several older versions of RStudio Server working with Open onDemand (e.g. 1.3.1073 and older). They are all running as singularity containers. I took our container recipe and updated the version of RStudio Server to 2023.03.0; however, this new container is not displaying the GUI. Are there settings that I need to add for this version of RStudio Server to work with OOD?

Hi and welcome!

Yes there are several things you likely need to do. Linked below is the pull request I made to our production application for the same. Here are some highlights:

  • you need to start passing a CSRF token to the app. You do this through setting the enviornment variable, passing it back to the view (through conn_params) and using it in the view.hmtl.erb
  • It’s likely not booting at the moment because it’s trying to write to /var/lib. Use the --server-data-dir argument to use a different directory that you can actually write to.
  • This pull request below also templates and mounts an /etc/rstudio directory. This allows us to configure a few things - specifically logs (you’ll need these extra logs) and the database location.

Hope that helps!

@jeff.ohrstrom Thank you for the suggestions. We compared our code to the codes at GitHub - OSC/bc_osc_rstudio_server: Batch Connect - OSC RStudio Server .
We don’t have a Kubernetes cluster; so, we did not use that portion of your source code release.
We still are not able to see the graphical interface when RStudio Server starts up.
We have tested the container on a desktop emulator – it seems to be working fine. Our only problem is when we try to launch it from OOD Interactive Apps.

You should use templates and mount to mount an /etc/rstudio directory with new configurations. This will allow you to configure a few things - specifically logs (you’ll need these extra logs) and the database location.

The logs here are important - they’ll tell you why it’s not booting up properly so I’d get those logs setup so that you can read them.

@jeff.ohrstrom , Thank you for your help. We had set up the conf files (database.conf, logging.conf), but forgot to bind them to our RStudio container. Once we did that, we were not only able to see the RStudio log output, we seem to also be able to start up our instance of RStudio. Thank you for your help!

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