Setup of Ganglia Module on Open OnDemand

Good day I am new to Open OnDemand and I love lot of its capabilities. I am having trouble setting up the Ganglia gui dashboard within Open OnDemand web interface. Is there a good end to end tutorial of setting this up. I was able to install the demo via vagrant, but it did not include the ganglia module.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Hey I’m so sorry for the delayed response and perhaps what’s even worse is it was your first post and so I cannot apologize enough for not responding sooner.

To the first question, no there doesn’t appear to be any documentation on how to integrate Ganglia and Open OnDemand.

That said, there’s one integration point that I know of: viewing ganglia graphs in the ‘active jobs’ application. Is that what you are looking for?

I can only speculate as to other integration points or addon apps (apps that don’t ship with the RPM) that may enable other Ganglia graphs that you may be thinking of.

We have one such app - GitHub - OSC/osc-systemstatus - but it’s tailored to OSC so it’s not really a general purpose such that you can just drop in and it would work. You’re welcome to try, but there may be some initial steps to get it to work with your scheduler.

Hi (again super sorry for not having this information for you readily on hand)

I’m working on migrating activejobs and found a test file with our old configurations (we’ve since gotten rid of ganglia and moved to a Grafan setup).

Here’s the plugin that you’d need to install on the Ganglia server itself.

Here’s the config you’d need to add in your cluster.d config file on the OnDemand side. (Note I’ve only added the relevant portion. the custom yaml element is on the same indentation as job). I believe you’d need to change every field here, save for segments (not sure what that is) and version (I can’t imagine your running a different ganglia version, but who knows!).

      host: ""
      scheme: "https://"
        - "graph.php"
        c: "Owens"
        h: "%{h}"
      version: "3"
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@moonseer Thanks for sharing the solution of this problem really good man. :slightly_smiling_face: