Should we transition Open OnDemand to a community foundation?

We have had good adoption from the HPC community of the Open OnDemand platform. This more widespread adoption has led to two good outcomes:

  1. A growing community of practice of adopters answering each others’ questions on this discourse instance.
  2. A notable uptick in developers creating useful software extensions to the platform.

For software extensions, we support the standard open source GitHub-based workflow of “fork/extend/pull request” as detailed in our contributions statement:

We are discussing internally as whether this is enough or if we should transition to a more formal community-based approach to allow developers to join the project and contribute directly. I know Airavata followed the Apache Foundation process, as an example.

So, OnDemand community, what do you think? Are community ownership and engagement paths to bring on new developers important for OnDemand?

Thanks for any feedback.

With kind regards,

Besides the Apache Foundation, there are other governance models that are interesting:

We could consider proactively adding contributors we trust as developers:

If we are going to go this route, we should consider a separate GitHub organization for OnDemand, distinct from OSC: