Slurm not loading by default in Bright Computing COD cluster

We developed a self registration app, and deployed it on Bright’s Cod cluster as our prod beta test, and it seems that slurm isn’t a default module loaded. It works fine when open the web terminal and load it, but throws errors while running. a job via the job composer, or loading any interactive apps. Attached screenshots re.this

For the first issue, yea OnDemand doesn’t know about modules or anything like that.

You should probably use the bin_overrides in the cluster.d file and point directly to the given binaries.

If you have a more involved setup with environment variables and so on you may be able to load the module in an /etc/ood/profile then pass those environment variables to the PUN through pun_custom_env_declarations.

As to the second comment, you’ll have to show us the logs from /var/log/ondemand-nginx/<USER>/error.log