SSH access not working on 1.8.12

Hi all,

We’ve just upgraded to 1.8, and shell access is now disabled. We get this error:

execvp(3) failed.: Permission denied

We’ve added the OOD_SSHHOST_ALLOWLIST variable to /etc/ood/config/apps/shell/env, and restarted the server, but nothing changes. We’ve set default: true in the cluster config file, and added OOD_DEFAULT_SSHHOST (just to be sure we’re not missing anything), to no avail. Everything else seems to be working just fine, but the shell app is quite important for our users.

Any help would be appreciated!


That does not look like a misconfiguration issue in respect to OnDemand. Not sure yet how to debug that. Will follow up.

That’s what we thought as well, but maybe we’re missing something. Thanks for the help!

Do you use OOD_SSH_WRAPPER? If so, perhaps this file is not executable.

This forks a process to run ssh. So it’s either ssh directly is not executable, or the fork process itself is is somehow broken (like /bin/sh or your default shell isn’t executable? That seems unlikely though).

Is there anything in /var/log/audit what may indicate it’s an SELinux issue?

Hi Jeff,

Thanks very much for the suggestion, the ssh wrapper was not executable! Which is very weird, because I checked it and it was, but I must have missed it!

Now everything works!