SSH to different hosts from Shell App


I am testing the Terminal access with OOD 1.7.11.
The URL I am getting when accessing the terminal is “”, which works fine.
However, when I am logged-in to OOD, if I replace “localhost” with any address (not OOD service), e.g.: (our Department server)
or (our other cluster)
I am able to ssh to that server as long as I use the correct authentication.

Therefore, I was wondering if it is possible to only restrict “localhost” with the Terminal/Shell App?
We would prefer not to allow users to ssh to various different hosts from OOD, so any suggestions are welcome!

Thank you,

Yes, you can now just in 1.7! However, given the other topic about sshing into localhost, I’d discourage localhost in favor of the fqdn

In any case, you can use a script wrapper that can check what host you’re trying to shell into and kick out if there’s some issue. The host should be $1 (the first argument).

Hope that helps!

@jeff.ohrstrom, thanks again for the prompt reply - I will give that a try!

Regarding the “localhost” thing - I talked to our system administrator, and he set HostBasedAuthentication on the OOD node to be allowed from the local machine (localhost). We tested it, and since that is the first authentication method that will be tried, as long as that works, users’ public keys won’t be used. He did some additional magic as well, so I believe using “localhost” is ok for us. We don’t have OOD in production yet which makes things easier - all my questions are coming from playing with the test instance we have.

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