"Open in Terminal" in File Explorer

We just learned the hard way that the “Open in Terminal” in OOD’s File Explorer opens a terminal on the OnDemand server, which is a relatively small VM. We had ssh disabled for most users so that did not work. The Clusters - Shell Access is our recommended way as that opens a terminal on a cluster interactive node.

Is there any way to tell the File Explorer to launch the ssh shell on a different machine than the OnDemand server itself? We would prefer that as we could direct the shell to one of our interactive nodes where we police the user load, rather than risking user abusing the relatively underpowered OnDemand VM.

Or perhaps just disable the “Open in Terminal” button in the File Explorer?


It uses the ssh ‘default’ host which is localhost. You can chagne the default host to something different and even use an ssh wrapper so that you can reject localhost. Because even if you change the default, the URL will still work (indeed writing in any hostname in the URL will trigger the ssh attempt).

Both configurations are documented here.

Given that this isn’t obvious that you should set the default ssh host, we should change the shell app so that if DEFAULT_SSHHOST is not set, /pun/sys/shell/ssh/default displays an error message.

I opened an issue https://github.com/OSC/ondemand/issues/506

Thanks Jeff and Eric, works as it should. I can’t believe I missed this in the docs.