Where do I change OOD_SSH_HOSTS to allow choice of cluster or default when opening file in files app

I am wanting to either change the default cluster choice or present choices when choosing to open a file via the files app.

I see this thread showing how to add a choice:

I am having trouble finding the file pointed out as the one to make a change in the above thread:
OOD_SSH_HOSTS needs to be set in /etc/ood/config/apps/files/env

What file should I change? Allowing choice of cluster is ideal, but simply changing the default would suffice.

Looks this is the behaviour

  • When nothing is specified in the files/env file you’ve linked for the files app it’ll redirect to /pun/sys/shell/ssh/default/ whatever the default value for the shell app is. To reconfigure it’s default set OOD_DEFAULT_SSHHOST in /etc/ood/config/apps/shell/env (the variable name is just DEFAULT_SSHHOST in 1.7 and below).
  • If you set OOD_SSH_HOSTS in files/env to even to 1 variable, you’ll still get a dropdown with only 1 selection. So here you can have multiple choices but no default as it’s not a button anymore it’s a list.

It sounds like you want the choice so you’d go with option 2 and the solution provided in the other topic will work.

We developed a self registration app, and deployed it on Bright’s Cod cluster as our prod beta test, and it seems that slurm isn’t a default module loaded. It works fine when open the web terminal and load it, but throws errors while running. a job via the job composer, or loading any interactive apps. Attached screenshots re.this