Stop interactive apps for a specific user?

Hi OOD Community,

We’re working to stop the connection to an interactive app for users. We can stop their passenger app puns, but we’re not able to stop the interactive apps. We don’t want to kill any jobs, we want those to remain, but we just want to kill the connection to VNC desktops or Jupyter. Is this possible?

We’re using ./nginx_stage nginx_clean --user <username> --force to stop the passenger apps, at least most of them, but this isn’t working for the VNC desktop pun app or the Jupyter app since it’s not a PUN. Any advice or feedback is appreciated.

If you want to do this for every user of OnDemand at the same time (excluding a subset of users specified by IP) you can do so using maintenance mode:

Thanks @efranz. Is it possible to do for only a specific user at a time? The purpose isn’t so much for a maintenance mode as much as it is a thorough logging off to ensure that the user it fully off of everything.