Timed out waiting for RStudio Server to open port

Trying to track down an issue with RStudio server. We have some accounts that can launch RStudio just fine via ondemand with no issues. However other accounts are unable to launch RStudio at all. RStudio will “try” to launch for a minute, will fail, then in the output.log there is a message that says “Timed out waiting for RStudio Server to open port ___!”

I have looked in the logs on that particular node and do not see anything out of the ordinary.

I apologize for not having much other information to go off of, I am not sure what else to take a look at as far as debugging this. Are there other location(s) or other files to look at that may shed some light?

There’s an rsession.log in the same location as the output.log. That may have something.

I seem to recall that RStudio can be affected by R’s etc/init files like ~/.Rprofile and ~/.Renviron. I’d check to see if those users have these files and if there’s anything in there that’s incompatible with the RStudio/R module(s) you load.

Thanks for the ideas, whenever these sessions fail the rsession.log file never get generated so it’s tough to know where it’s failing. I tried changing the timeout to see if that would help with anything but no luck. As a test we cleared out ~/.Rprofile and ~/.Renviron for a user that was having issues, that didn’t seem to make a difference. I’ll keep digging into this and see what I can find out.

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