Tip: favorite paths from regex matching of group names

Our security group structure is a bit more complex than what’s documented at Customization: Add Shortcuts to Files Menu.

Our group names are of the format fsg-hpc-someproject-rw or fsg-hpc-someproject-ro (though >99% of the time, it’s the rw group). These groups have a shared folder /home/projects/someproject.

So, with the help of Rubular and Regular-Expressions.info, our version of apps/dashboard/initializers/ood.rb is:

OodFilesApp.candidate_favorite_paths.tap do |paths|
    projects = User.new.groups.map(&:name).grep(/^fsg-hpc-./)
    projects = projects.map { |p| p = p.scan(/^fsg-hpc-(.+)-r[ow]$/) }.flatten
    paths.concat projects.map { |p| FavoritePath.new("/home/projects/#{p}")  }
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Hi Mike.

Welcome to the OnDemand Community. Thank you for posting this tip.