We are using OOD with Slurm. A job status shows as “CANCELLED” in Slurm when a user terminates a session. Is there a way to treat it as “COMPLETED” ?

We have a billing system but it doesn’t charge SUs for “CANCELLED” jobs.

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Thanks for the question!

The place this gets set in the code is in the ood_core repo and the states are explicitly set at the line below:

But oddly that does show the cancelled code as showing a completed value (using the ruby symbol :completed). So, I guess I’d next ask where exactly does the billing system look for that string? Is it using some log output or are you making a call to ood somehow?


The billing system is getting the state info from Slurm Database. I see the status as “CANCELLED” in Slurm using “sacct” command.

-bash-4.2$sacct -u gp4r -j 40722795
JobID           JobName  Partition    Account  AllocCPUS      State ExitCode
------------ ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- --------
40722795     ood_jupyt+   standard  hpc_build          1 CANCELLED+      0:0      batch             hpc_build          1  CANCELLED     0:15

I assume OOD is using Slurm scancel command to terminate a session and it set the state as “CANCELLED” in Slurm.

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