Completed jobs history

Hi, I would like to show completed jobs on the dashboard (similar to Active Jobs). From what I gather on related posts, OOD does not track completed jobs since it’s using squeue (or equivalent). Is there a way for me to change that myself? Thank you

Hello and welcome!

Yes, it is possible for you to do something like that. It would be a complex addition to the code where you would have to make changes to the source code itself.

There’s a few techniques you could employ to do it, the one which jumps to mind would be something like sacct if you are using SLURM. But again, this would be an involved and complex change to the source code because even if you started pulling that data, you’d also have to alter the code to display this information and handle.

This change could span across OOD_CORE for the scheduler in question (though SLURM sounds like the choice here) along with changes to OnDemand itself to get and display that information.

What I’m getting at is yes, it is possible, but it is not something I’d recommend given how much code you would have to change and keep track of between upgrades to ensure it isn’t overwritten or breaks somehow when you upgrade.

Oh I see. I will have a go tinkering with it and see how it goes. Thank you :slight_smile:

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