TurboVNC in yum ondemand repo outdated

The version of TurboVNC in the yum repository from Open Ondemand (https://yum.osc.edu/ondemand/1.6/compute/el7Server/x86_64/) is a bit outdated.
It now hosts version 2.1.1 which contains a nasty bug where it fails to start VNC. We hit it at our site.

for reference the bugreport: https://github.com/TurboVNC/turbovnc/issues/136
and the fix: https://github.com/TurboVNC/turbovnc/commit/c8bdb849ffd289e89189ca0c7f779dee9a9396e7

It should probably be updated to a newer version (2.2.3) so that people/new users who rely on the repo don’t get hit by it. Would that be possible?

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The OnDemand docs still say:

For VNC server support:

I just looked at the OnDemand repo and didn’t see any VNC RPMs. Which rpm brought in an old version of TurboVNC on your system?




Ric I’d guess ondemand-compute-1.6-1.el7.noarch.rpm pulls that in.

Looks like we pushed 2.1.9 to that repo but looking at the ticket, but the reporter says that version’s affected too? If you want updates like this, github is a better reminder for us so I’ve created this issue for that.

Thanks for the heads up, I think we should upgrade. I assume you upgraded manually to resolve your issue?

yes, we are testing with turbovnc-2.2.3-20190907.x86_64 and it works just fine.

The 1.7 release will have the TurboVNC 2.2.3 for the compute repo.