"(Un) Select All" and "Unzip" function in Files app of OOD

Hi Support,

Refer the previous documents of OOD for Files app ( Files App — Open OnDemand 2.0.20 documentation ) and the file explorer for OOD (GitHub - OSC/ood-fileexplorer: [MOVED] The Open OnDemand File Explorer), there are two functions supported, one for “(Un) Select All” and another for “Unzip”. May we know for the current version of OOD (i.e. 3.0.1), could we enable these two functions in Files app for better user experiences on the file management? Thanks.

Select all (and unselecting all) is a known gap that we hope to put in upcoming releases.

The ability to zip and unzip functionality I’m not so sure about - at least I don’t recall it being exposed as a feature the user can interact with. That is, when you download a directory - it zips it and you download the .zip file. But you as a user cannot press a button for zipping for example. Looking at the image on the link you’ve given I don’t see any such button, though I haven’t used that library in some time I could have forgotten it.

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