Unable to hide select field with another select field

I’m using OOD 3.1.1 and trying to customise Batch Connect app form.
Below is part of form.yml file

  - gpus_select
  - gpus_type
  - gpus_num_v100
  - gpus_num_a100
  - gpus_per_task

  bc_dynamic_js: true
    widget: select
    label: "Use GPU"
      - [
          'No', 'No',
          data-hide-gpus-type: true,
          data-hide-gpus-num-v100: true,
          data-hide-gpus-num-a100: true
      - [
          'Yes', 'Yes'
    widget: select
    label: "GPU Type"
      - [
          'Nvidia V100', 'Nvidia V100'
      - [
          'Nvidia A100', 'Nvidia A100'
    widget: "hidden_field"

In theory, the fields “gpus_type, gpus_num_v100, gpus_num_a100” should be hidden, but in fact the field “gpus_type” is hidden, the field “gpus_num_v100, gpus_num_a100” are displayed.

I’m surprised why this is so.
Need your advice.

Example when “gpus_select” is “Yes”

Example when “gpus_select” is “No”

There’s a bug where we’re not parsing a100 correctly. I’m trying to track it down now and will file a ticket upstream when I do so.

Jeff, thank you very much for answer.

If change the names to - gpus_num_v and - gpus_num_a it doesn’t work too.
But if you add any letter after v and a (- gpus_num_vh and - gpus_num_ah), the “select” starts to be displayed correctly.

Thanks, yea it’s the 100 that we’re not able to parse correctly. I think there’s already a ticket for the same, but I’m still hacking something together to see what we can do here.