User gets no such table: schema_migrations error in job composer

Has anyone seen the error
no such table: schema_migrations
out of job composer? My workaround was to rename
to something else, and let OnDemand remake the file. I haven’t heard back from the user to confirm that fixed the problem, but I expect it will. The only table in the user’s file (which was almost a year old) was “jobs” - no “json_stores”, “workflows”, or “schema_migrations” that I see in current sqlite3 files

Not sure if the file is corrupt, or just “ancient”.

Anyone have thoughts on what happened?

Is there


This sounds like a corruption issue. The last relevant change to the database schema was the addition of the JSON store in 2016.

We are aware of a relatively common problem where users delete their database without realizing what it is for, and then come back to the app skipping the Dashboard and get an error. In order to ensure that the database is recreated properly they must navigate there from the Dashboard instead of deep linking / connecting via bookmark.