Utilizing `session.staged_root` in Kubernetes context

I’m in the process of creating a VNC desktop application using a Kubernetes cluster as the backend. I’d like to save some xfce settings in the session’s staged_root directory. My initial idea was to just set an environment variable in submit.yml.erb like XDG_CONFIG_HOME: "<%= session.staged_root.join("config") %>" However, it seems like the session variable is only available for files under the application’s template directory, as I’m getting an error like undefined local variable or method session’`.

I know I could technically define a configmap containing the config files, but being able to just use the templates directory + staged_root would be so much cleaner. Is there any way of accessing the session information in submit.yml.erb, or any other decent way of defining desktop environment settings here?

EDIT: Seems like this is solved - turns out you can use staged_root straight off the bat, instead of accessing it through session.

Hi and welcome! Sorry we didn’t get to you yesterday.

Yep! Only in 2.0 I believe. Good luck and reach out again if you need anything!