VNC/Xfce Choosing the Correct Network of Multiple Networks

Hello Everyone,

We have a pretty healthy OnDemand install going at Wayne State University. It is getting some use. I have been troubleshooting a special case problem today though which is the basis of this post.

I want to launch Xfce on a node that we have which has several networks, and so the node has two IPs and two FQDNs and a short name. One of the networks is public and has a firewall. Optimally I would like for VNC and everything to use the private network however. It took me way to long to realize that various components of this process appear to be using different FQDNs, and then to top it off the public will never communicate on a high port number anyway. So the question:

Has anyone had this problem? Does anyone know what components are used and how to config them to using the correct FQDN? This particular app is devoted to this single node so it can be very specific on the app config side. I appreciate any assistance. I’m not really clear on what is being used where, with tigervnc, turbovnc, xorg, websockify stuff, a road map to at least know where to look for the vnc template would be handy.

Thanks Much As Always!

So, I found these things:


I’m guessing this gets set here somehow? Is there a way for me to modify this? I mean like a real way.


You can configure how the host parameter is created in your submit.yml.erb. It looks like it could be multiple lines (like under a yaml |), just be sure that you set bash host variable at end.

  template: vnc
  # this is the current default
  set_host: "host=$(hostname)"

Ah! Very good to know! Thank you.

Did that solution work for you?