XDMoD Integration with Ondemand


We have Ondemand server and XDMoD server, both setup with SAML (the same IdP). Both servers works fine but when we try to integrate them we get an error:

TypeError: Failed to fetch Please ensure you are logged into Open XDMoD first, and then try again.

And we see this error even after sign in to XDMoD server.

Can you please advise?

Hi @ssofya .

I will add this to my trouble-shooting queue and see what I can find out for you.


Hi Gerald,

Thank you.

1 more thing about SAML. Here is a docs about grafana and ondemand integration. Both our servers are running SAML and our grafana doesn’t support anonymous access. Is it possible achieve the same result without anonymous access if both servers are running SAML?