About the VM/container reservation function


Can Open OnDemand do the following?
・Users reserve and exclusively use fixed-configuration hypervisor virtual machines (VMs) as computing resources.
・The user specifies the number of CPU cores, number of GPUs, and main memory capacity to dynamically configure a hypervisor virtual machine (VM) or Linux Container for exclusive use. Also, reserve such computing resources (VM or container)
・Send a reminder to the user via email before using the resources reserved in the above two ways.

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Hi and thanks for the question. In general these are the things OOD can be configured to do. If you use VMs to setup your compute cluster then all OOD is doing is submitting to the scheduler you installed. So you could use VMs while others have used containers, depends on the site. A main feature is that users are presented with forms to select things that the admin makes available, such as GPUs and memory. It’s up to you the admin what you wish to expose. And setting email reminders is also built into the software.

We’ve got some documentation around the architecture you can see here:

And you can see the custom job submission page using SLURM for example, to add things like email alerts here: