Adding checks to OOD file browser

We are currently using the file browser on OOD v2.0.13 and it works great except for one edge case we have. Users have access to directories where files can be truncated (no file blocks but metadata present) and retrieved from tape. Our setup does not retrieve files from tape upon access.

The behaviour we see is:

  1. Accessing a truncated file with the editor will result in error 500. Accessing it directly from command line should result in permission denied. File will appear to be 0 size:

$ du -sh example.R
0 ui.R
$ du -sh --apparent-size example.R
793 ui.R

  1. Downloading a directory containing one or more truncated files will result in a corrupt zip.

We were wondering if you have suggestions about where to add extra file checks to handle these file. This is probably an edge case so we are happy to tweak GitHub - OSC/ood-fileexplorer: [MOVED] The Open OnDemand File Explorer to fit our needs.

Kind regards and thanks.

I don’ the files on hand or the time right now to pull them, but I created this ticket below for your issue. That github issue is likely a better place for triage and discussion as we tend to get lost in discourse topics but have a better handle on github issues.

Thank you for that Jeff. Will experiment with the file browser to implement some checks when I have some time. Will add updates to the Github issue.