Prevent user from editing/viewing large files

Is possible to prevent users from trying to view or edit files over a certain size in the files app? When attempting to view large files, nothing happens. When attempting to edit large files, the new tab for the file will open and load for a while before it stops loading, and continues to show the blank text editor. If you then type into the blank text editor and save, it overwrites the file.

It is possible to prevent users from uploading large files: Is it possible to limit file upload size , but this value doesn’t seem to affect viweing/editing.

Hey! Sorry I didn’t answer this earlier. No I don’t believe there is any limits on this other than the limits you’ve probably discovered there.

It sounds like you’ve discovered a couple bugs. How large were these files you were looking at/editing?

No worries, thanks for the response. I was testing with a 1GB and 3GB file.

To add some more info, neither file was successfully loaded when trying to view or edit. When trying to edit the files, the larger file did take a significantly longer time to load and get to the blank text editor. This leads me to believe that at least for the 1GB file, there is no timeout happening. Perhaps that implies that the error lies in trying to display the file and not necessarily loading the file?

Opened to track this work

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